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Are you “Making A Drink” Know how it is good for you!!!

The custom of alcohol or uisga beatha (Gaelic forWater of Life“) is deep-rooted in the history of human life with jumbled needs like medicines, get together, spiritual-religious rituals, tranquilizers and a lot more. As a matter of fact history of alcohol is engrained in our lives for thousands of years and perpetually essential for our health and well-being.
Alcoholic beverages have potential medicinal value like
Antioxidants from juniper berries in gin.
Minerals in vodka.
Phenols from grapes in wines.
Vitamin and minerals from malts present in beers.
Ellagic acid in barrel-aged whiskey.
Fructan as probiotic from agave in tequila.

Alcohol is largely free of carbohydrates, fat & sugar, and consuming a significant or small quantity improves blood circulation, lowers cardiovascular disorders, cold, cough, diabetes, skin diseases, fights infection due to its embedded stimulating and antioxidizing abilities.

It’s important to note that fair concentration of nutrients and antioxidants in alcohol can neutralize blood-borne disorders, act as anti-depressants, enhances cognitive strength, boost immunity several, and shield from the cancer-causing catalyst.

Alcohol has advantageous effects on HDL cholesterol or “good cholesterol”. It slows down the flow of unwanted sugars and fats into the bloodstream and their negating impact on the body. A drink based on their forms has many satisfactory effects on health and mood: mixed, distilled, pasteurized, pre-mixed, cocktails, hot or cold, type and brand, etc. Graceful and innovative drinking is easy and fun.


* Note: As a matter of fact, researches have revealed the benefits of limited consumption of alcohol on health and well-being (excess of anything is bad even if it is medicine or food). Even though alcohol has some worthy benefits yet it has potentially toxic effects subject to consumption, type of alcohol, or preexisting health conditions.

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