Ayush Ministry Recommended best Ayurvedic medicine for Corona


I read news in a newspaper before a few days back, where Dr Thanikasalam Veni of Rathna Siddha Hospital in Chennai who has 25-year of vast experience in field Siddha and Ayurvedic medicines claimed that he has invented cure for Corona-virus.

Here I would like to share that he has formulated a herbal medicine for Corona Virus which was first detected in the city of Wuhan in China in December 2019 and has no effective vaccine or drug to treat it as of now.

Ayush Ministry Recommended best ayurvedic medicine for Corona

But when I read entire news I found that he only says that “We have formulated a medicine from an extract of herbs. It is very effective to cure any type of viral fever” but what about the Corona Virus or COVID19, and he further says that “Our herbal extract medicine is used to treat dengue, multi-organ fever and acute liver fever.” but the question is again the same, did this medicine effective in the cure of Corona Virus or COVID19. To be very honestly there is a BIG NO!

Now we would share you a few names of medicine those recommended by the Ministry of Ayush Government of India, before proceeding with the name, we would share you the primary causes of Corona Virus or COVID19, as per the WHO and Indian Ayush Ministry low immunity is the primary cause of this disease.

Now, the Ayush Minstry given the permission to various manufacturer of India to make Powder, Tablets or Syrup with the help of these four ingredient Tulsi, Dalchini, Sunthi and Krishna Mirchi (Kali mirch) but the condition is only this you need to select only one name out of these three names i.e Ayush Kwath or Ayush Kudineer or Ayush Joshanda.

In India various Ayurveda companies are started making this products and you can buy Ayush Kudineer for COVID19 online from any of trusted website, most of the companies are giving free home delivery with very suitable prices.

Stay home and Stay Safe.


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